Asset Management

To get the most out of your assets, you have to proactively measure and analyze their efficiency and effectiveness. The data is already there, but it’s often underutilized. With our PlantFloor24® remote management and monitoring solution, MAVERICK Technologies transforms disparate data into metrics that matter, so you can make decisions that lead to greater efficiency, improved production yields and extended asset lifecycles.

Our complete asset lifecycle management services include:

  • Facility assessments
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) reporting
  • Quality assurance (QA) testing and simulations
  • Development of cloud-based manufacturing solutions

In addition to ongoing, closed-loop reporting, PlantFloor24 asset management services also provide an iterative test environment for software upgrades and patches. Ignoring updates can lead to less-than-optimal performance or security breaches, but simply accepting all updates can cause problems in other connected devices. To ensure proposed modifications won’t cause unintended outcomes, our PlantFloor24 global operations center can test software updates and changes prior to implementation.

Through remote connections to your automation and IT systems, PlantFloor24 technicians can:

  • Monitor the release schedules of software vendors for major and minor updates
  • Test updates and patches in a simulated environment that mirrors your system
  • Analyze the benefits of upgrading, along with the risk of maintaining the current version
  • Clearly explain the risks and rewards via a periodic report
  • Update the automation and IT systems remotely at a prescheduled time, upon approval by facility personnel

If you don’t know how your assets are performing or how they’ll be affected by planned upgrades, optimization is impossible. Partner with MAVERICK to maximize your assets’ effectiveness so you can improve resource allocation, reduce operational variability and achieve greater returns.

By using sophisticated statistical data analysis techniques and expert judgment, we can make remote corrections when abnormal conditions occur, notify facility personnel to take action when necessary or recommend proactive maintenance. We will help you detect and troubleshoot issues before they occur to minimize breakdowns and consequent downtime.


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