Bakery and Snack Foods

Bakery Automation Engineering Services

In wholesale, bulk and direct retail bakery production, each process has a unique set of variables. Controlling them is especially difficult for facilities that produce a variety of products ranging from frozen dough to baked goods. That’s why so many manufacturers in the baking and snack foods industry turn to MAVERICK Technologies® for help with automation and process control. MAVERICK provides bakery and snack foods automation engineering services and bakery recipe management solutions as part of our food and beverage offering.

The MAVERICK Approach

MAVERICK helps you develop the right solutions for your specific commercial baking process. From recipe management to generating enterprise batch records, we understand baker processes and can integrate the right technologies to achieve your goals, without bias for platform. With a team of more than 400 automation professionals on staff, we can apply our Industrial Automation services, Enterprise Integration services and Strategic Manufacturing Solutions to meet your needs.

Have a Bakery and Snack Foods Industry Expert Contact You

MAVERICK can help:

  • Implement the right batching methods and recipe management solutions for consistency and quality
  • Provide complete bakery sanitary design consulting
  • Utilize traceability and lot tracking for compliance management
  • Retrofit your automated systems for improved performance and reliability
  • Install equipment for gentle, efficient product conveying
  • Increase speed and consistency of ingredient batching to optimize results
  • Identify and install optimal frying, baking and freezing processes

With MAVERICK’s help, you’ll achieve your objectives on a precise timeline and improve your processes along the way.